Client Software

Here you can find the telemetry decoder software for the Masat-1 CubeSat.

Download (version: 2015. 01. 03.)
Wav file for testing.

Installation Guide

  1. Overview
    The Masat-1 Ground Station Client Software was prepared to process the transmission received from the satellite Masat-1. The SW provides the following functionalities:

    • Audio demodulation
    • Packet decoding
    • Packet data visualization
    • Frequency waterfall plot to aid radio tuning

  2. Installation Guide
    1. If JAVA is not installed on your computer, please download it from the website and install it.
    2. Download the most recent version of the Masat-1 GS SW from the website
    3. Unzip the compressed file.
    4. Windows: The software may be launched by start.bat.
      GNU/Linux: The software may be launched by the command ./

  3. User’s Guide
    1. The program may be launched by launching start.bat (Windows) or by issuing the ./ command (GNU/Linux).
    2. On the “Settings” panel the sound card’s settings may be altered.
    3. On the “Settings” panel demodulation must be initiated by pressing the “Start receiving” button.

      Sound card’s microphone settings:
      Microphone BOOST must NOT be selected. This setting can be altered at the volume settings.

      Radio tuning aid:
      Radio tuning is aided by the “Frequency waterfall” panel. In case of CW (Morse code) reception the frequency must be aligned to 1200 Hz. In case of data reception the frequency must be aligned with the other two frequencies (575 Hz, 1825 Hz).

      Verifying packet reception:
      On the “Packets” panel the incoming packets and their properties can be observed. An incoming packet overwrites the corresponding data on the “Telemetry” panel.

      Saving packets:
      The packets are saved automatically into a file named Masat-1_{date}.log, located in the same folder as the GNDClient.jar file. Each incoming packet is added to the file corresponding to the current date.

      Masat USB Receiver:
      Detailed description available on our website about the usage of Masat USB Receiver.

  4. Known issues
    • The SW may not work on earlier versions of OpenJDK/JRE.

  5. Report SW errors
    All feedback is welcome regarding SW errors. You are respectfully asked to check the “Known issues” section before reporting an error, as this section contains all known issues of the latest version. If your issue is not listed, prepare your report by providing the following:

    Error report contents:

    • Operating system, 32/64bit
    • Processor frequency, number of cores
    • GS SW version number (date)
    • JAVA version
    • Error description (if the error is HW-related, please also provide a HW description and HW version)
    • How to reproduce the error?
    • If you have any suggestions on the cause of the error, you may write it here.

    Error report – sample

    • OS: Windows XP, 32 bit
    • CPU: 2300 Hz, 2 cores
    • Version: 2010. 01. 28.
    • JAVA version:
    • Error description: After reopening the sound card the demodulation does not work.
    • Error triggered by: pressing the buttons in the following order: Open-Close-Open
    • Cause of error: a connection may not be closed properly

  6. Contact
    Error reports and other remarks may be sent to:
    Tibor Mezei < >