Masat-1 sponsors

Project partners

Logo CAD-Terv Engineering Ltd is responsible for the structure and mechanics of the Masat-1 satellite and they donated 1U structures for educational and demonstration purposes for the University.
Logo The Ericsson Magyarország Ltd. is a long term partner of the departments involved in Masat-1.
Logo In cooperation with the European Space Agency’s Education Office Masat-1 can participate in the Vega Maiden Flight.

Gold level sponsors

Logo The Government of the Republic of Hungary provided financial support in 2008 to cover significant part of the launch costs.
Logo The Hungarian Space Office provides financial support for the education and supports the other space related programs of the University.
Logo The National Instruments Hungary gave a large financial support and modern equipments for the laboratory.
Logo The Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt. helped us with a large financial support.

Silver level sponsors

Logo The Aktív Energia Kft. provided the complete solar electrical power system for the primary ground station of Masat-1. This includes the design and implementation of the system, the solar panels, the solar charge controller and the battery backup system too.
Logo Azurspace Solar Power GmbH provided us triple-junction GaAs solar cells, which will be used on the Masat-1 satellite.
Logo The BHE Bonn Hungary Ltd gave us high gain cross YAGI antennas for the ground station. Moreover they performed a preliminary vibration test for us.
Logo The lifetime examination laboratory at the College of Dunaújváros did the qualification tests for Masat-1.
Logo The company gave CAD software licenses and technical support for mounting the solar cells.
Logo The Budapest Electric Works Company, Inc. gave a large amount of research and development support for the electrical power system on Masat-1.
Logo The Ericsson Hungary Ltd. gave us large ammount of financial support.
Logo The Eurocircuits Ltd. offered the production of the multi layer printed circuit boards (PCB) for all the electronic systems on Masat-1, and the boards for fixing the solar cells.
Logo HP Hungary gave financial support for satellite and infrastructure development.
Logo The KFKI provided thermal-vacuum test platform for the qualification tests.
Logo The Lufthansa Technik Budapest provides us the special aluminum alloy for the CubeSat’s structure.
Logo The Hungarian Power Companies Ltd. gave financial support for the project.
Logo The Faludi Wolf Theiss Attorneys-at-Law porvides the Masat-1 project with space industry specific legal advice.

Bronze level sponsors

Logo The Faludi Wolf Theiss Attorneys-at-Law porvides the Masat-1 project with space industry specific legal advice.
Logo The vibration tests of the Masat-1 Flight Model was done by the BME EJJT Mechatronics Laboratory.
Logo The B.S.T. Adástechnika Ltd. provides the wiring for the new ground station and they also give us RF filters for the receiver.
Logo The antenna platform located on the top of building ‘E’ of BME will be renewed by the Carinex Ltd.
Logo ChipCAD Electronic Distribution Ltd. together with Microchip provide PIC12 and dsPIC microcontrollers and the development environment as well. These devices and tools are used in the on-board electronics.
Logo ChipCAD Electronic Distribution Ltd. together with Microchip provide PIC12 and dsPIC microcontrollers and the development environment as well. These devices and tools are used in the on-board electronics.
Logo COOPTIM Ipari Ltd. manufactured the complete structure of Masat-1 including internal structure elements in their CNC workshop.
Logo Dension Audio System Ltd provided financial support for the Masat-1 CubeSat project.
Logo The DND Telecom Center Ltd. gave financial support for the projekt.
Logo The DSI GmbH gave us a valuable measurement instrument.
Logo The Evosoft Hungary Ltd. gave us a powerfull server and an external sound card for the new ground station.
Logo The Exasol Ltd. machined a special Ni alloy with Nd:YAG LASER.
Logo The Hungaro DigiTel Ltd. supported us with a valuable radio.
Logo A HFT Kereskedelmi és fejlesztési Ltd. built the IP camera surveillance system for Masat-1 ground station.
Logo The Infoterra Hungary Ltd. gave financial support for the development.
Logo The LOMEX Ltd. gave financial support, and electrical components for the Masat-1 projekt.
Logo The Measurement Directorate of the National Communications Authority helps in the measurement and analysis of the radio signal transmitted by the Masat-1 model.
Logo The Nikon Értékesítési Magyarországi Kft gave financial support for the development.
Logo The Ricoh Hungary Ltd. provides us printing and photocopy service for the documentation.
Logo The Sagax Ltd. and the Váry Ltd. jointly provide a RF amplifier with 300W output power which operates in the 145MHz band.
Logo The Siemens Hungary gave financial support for the project.
Logo The Telenor provided the outdoor cabinets of the remote controlled and automated primary ground station of Masat-1, including the accumulators of the autonomous electrical power system.
Logo A Totaltel Telecom Techniques Ltd. bought us an antenna rotator system.


Logo The Anico Ltd. provides 3 peaces of temperature controlled crystal oscillators (TCXO) which are used in the Yaesu FT-897D radios.
Logo Antenna Hugaria sponsored the Masat-1 controll station with high power UHF amplifiers.
Logo The BL-electronics gave antennas for the 2 m band.
Logo The Farmelco Ltd. gave financial support and they provided a professional heater design kit.
GD Gép és Daru Kft. We would like to say thank you for GD Gép és Daru Ltd. for designing and building the antenna extension with the rotation mechanics.
Logo The Magnetec-Ungarn Kft. provided the hysteresis materials for the attitude stabilization subsystem of the satellite.
Mobitel The Mobitel Ltd. gave us financial support.
Logo NuSil Technology Europe sent electrically conductive adhesive for mounting the solar cells.
Logo The Rádiótechnika gave us financial support.
Logo The National Association of Radio Distress-Signalling and Infocommunications provides the illumination of the antenna system.
Logo The Space and Ground Facilities Ltd. gave financial support for the project.
Logo Silicon Labs (Integration) offered sample RF ICs for the breadboard and for the flight model of Masat-1. These components are used in the communication subsystem.
Logo The Sphere Consulting Ltd. manufactured and offered special fiber glass pipes for the antenna mechanics.
Logo The Telecom-Fort Ltd. gave us coaxial cabels and connectors and they helped us in the assembly of the antenna system base structure on building E.
Váry Ltd. The Váry Ltd. provided software for the ground station.
Logo The Via-Pontis Mérnöki Tanácsadó Ltd. provided tools for the reconstruction of the ground station.
Logo Wacker Silicones sent silicone glue for mounting isolated elements.

Private individuals

HA1YA Gábor Draskovits (HA1YA) helped in the purchase of the power amplifiers for the ground station.
HA3KZ Herczeg Zoltán (HA3KZ) RF szűrőket adott a földi állomáshoz.
HA5CH István Muhari (HA5CH) gave two radio amplifiers for the project with 100 W output power, and he also helps us a lot with his ideas and advices.
We would like to thank HA5HK Bandi and the Radio Club Ózd ( HA9MDP ) for the RF filters used in the ground station system.
HA5VW † Mihály Szalontai (HA5VW) helped in the the long term test of the main radio station.
HA6YF Alb Ferenc, (HA6YF) gave RF filters for the ground station system.
HA7JOL László Herczeg (HA7JOL) gave a hand during the Ground Station reconstruction.
HA7VE István Ehmann (HA7VE) gave special connectors and cables for the ground station.
HA8AR Pál Kalina (HA8AR) printed high quality leaflets and posters for the team.
HA8ET Gyula Nagy (HA8ET) gave a wide band instrumentation amplifier.
László Kéri (HA5CSI), János Németh (HA5VY), József Héricz (HA7WEM) and Sándor Tarkovács (HA7WM) helped a lot during the preparation and building of the new antenna system.