Statistics of packets received online in the last 168 hours

The statistics of the packets received online in the last 168 hours of Masat-1’s life have been compiled.

OM3BC 1,975 Slovakia
HA3JK 1,909 Hungary
HA6NM 1,611 Hungary
Rothe Rainer 1,554 Germany
JA1GDE 969 Japan
Szokolai Tamás 962 Hungary
JA0CAW 763 Japan
Tachikawa Amateur Radio Club 433 Japan
JA6PL 413 Japan
R4UAB 336 Russia
HA2SK 320 Hungary
HA6QL 293 Hungary
HG2UW 253 Hungary
HA6KVC 237 Hungary
HG1TTS 230 Hungary
DJ3AK 213 Germany
N5ZNL 198 United States
HA2ECM 187 Hungary
G7GQW 131 United Kingdom
EU1XX 128 Belarus
VK2FAK 125 Australia
VK4ZF 117 Australia
HA9GCS 111 Hungary
IW0HLG 109 Italy
HA5LR 106 Hungary
HA7JOL 102 Hungary
HA5PT 100 Hungary
Vlad Dascal 95 Románia
HA6NN 90 Hungary
CU2JX 86 Portugal
Tarmo Tanilsoo 79 Estonia
VK4CBW 64 Australia
LU4EOU 62 Argentina
UY2RA 42 Ukrajna
ON4HF 36 Belgium
JH4XSY/1 25 Japan
PY4ZBZ 12 Brasil
OM2AMR 11 Slovakia
HA5KHC 6 Hungary

Thank you all for all the effort you have put in to help us gain as much information about the last moments as possible.

Current orbit prediction

According to the prediction made on 06.01.2015. Masat-1’s reentry is expected between 21:00 UTC on friday 9th january 2015 and 14:00 UTC on saturday 10th january 2015. Reentry may occur with equal probability within this timeframe.

The timeframe around the nominal expected reentry date of satuday, 10th january 2015. was determined by re-analysing the reentry of the CubeSats that where launched with Masat-1, but have already deorbited: Goliat, XatCobeo, and PWSat.

Last tracking of Masat-1

We would like to thank the radio amateurs and everybody else again for helping us over the last nearly 3 years by sending numerous Masat-1 packets received from space.

We would like to take this opportunity to draw attention to the impending deorbitation. Masat-1, Hungary’s first satellite, is expected to end its successful mission and burn up during reentry in early January (current prediction is January 10th). The last days and hours can provide much useful information that is also necessary for continuing on, therefore we want to track its path especially closely in these days. For this we need the help of everybody who has received from it int he past, as the last moments can occur anywhere over the globe, so the big question may involve anyone: Who receives the last signals of Masat-1? After the reentry (deorbitation) – additionally to answering this question – we will publish a statistic of the stations that send in the most packets during the last 168 hours.

We have made the latest version of the JAVA client software available on our website. The program can be downloaded from:

With Thanks,
The Masat-1 Team

Software Update

We released a new version of the client software. The file can be downloaded using the folowing link:

Masat-1 in “It’s good to be good 2014”

A selection of unique objects collected by the Masat-1 team also appeared in MTVA’s (Hungarian public service media) fundraising campaign “It’s good to be good” 2014.

The collection consisted of a booklet about the story of Masat-1, an honorary envelope and Masat-1 stamp with first-day-of-issue postmark, a 1000 HUF face value collector’s coin in honor of the first Hungarian satellite, a bottle of Masat-1 limited edition wine, and a mug. Several objects were signed by the team members.

The unique cooperation and partnership which has helped the first Hungarian satellite come to life is proof that nothing is impossible for a community committed to a good cause. The Masat-1 collection, which was among numerous objects donated by renowned artists, actors and sportsmen, was sold at a price of 100 000 HUF. This year, the campaign supported the Hungarian Interchurch Aid organization.

For the occasion of Masat-1’s last Christmas of functioning, anyone who has internet access can listen to the signals of the satellite as its passes above Budapest: