New team members

Our team welcomes the new members: Henrik and Zsolt! Henrik is doing his BSc in Electrical Engineering and he is interested in microcontroller based embedded systems. Zsolt is a Transportation Engineer student; he was a participant in the Spacebeer project.

HA5MASAT callsign

Our satellite will transmit its telemetry in the amateur radio frequency band, in order to do so we need a registered callsign. The HA5MASAT callsign is now officially dedicated to the satellite thanks to the National Communications Authority, Hungary (NCAH) and to the Hungarian Radio Amateur Society. Every telemetry transmission will begin with the callsign in CW (Morse code).

Up, Up and Away

You can find an article about the project in Hungarian on the webpage.

The last two week

The last two week was full of action; new sponsors arrived and offered a lot of things, service and money:

  • Anico Ltd.
  • Europrint Eger Ltd.
  • Lufthansa Technik Budapest Ltd.
  • Mobitel Ltd.
  • Rádióvilág Ltd.

We would like to thank for the sponsorship. The list of our sponsors is expanding day by day. The current list can be found in the Sponsors menu.

New Sponsors

We can proudly present, that following sponsors have joint our project:

  • Carinex Ltd.
  • ChipCAD Elektronikai Disztribúció Ltd. together with
  • Microchip Technology Inc.
  • Dension Audio System Ltd
  • Ericsson Hungary Ltd.

With their support we got much closer to build our satellite and the ground station. The Masat-1 team would like to thank for the sponsorship.

Details in the Sponsors menu.