Masat-1 at Bridge of Sciences

Bridge of Sciences on Chain Bridge is a large-scale event that aims to promote science among broader audiences for the second time in 2012. The organizers aim at bridging the gap between scientists and people who have no formal science education, and introducing domestic scientific culture to wider audiences.

We couldn’t agree more with the organizers, who consider it very important to promote science among young people, since the key to the future of a successful and competitive Hungary is in their hands. Therefore we gladly participate in the event with a spectacular exhibition and presentation to bring the audience closer to Masat-1 and the next generation of satellites.

Masat-1 at the HVG Job Fair

The Masat-1 team is going to be at the HVG Job Fair. For more information see the event’s website.

Date and venue: 26-27 September 2012, SYMA Event and Congress Center

Masat-1 at Researchers’ Night 2012

Once again the fourth Friday night of September will be special for the passionately curious. At last, laboratories are going to be open to visitors, and scientists are going to take their white lab coats off to introduce science using plain language. On September 28 both young ones and adults can meet researchers in person, try out their equipment and inventions, and learn more about their work through presentations, quizzes, exhibitions and other entertaining scientific programs.

Masat-1 is going to be there too at Ericsson Science Park between 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. For more information see the event’s website.

Technical conference at ESA/ESTEC

The Education Office of the European Space Agency organized a technical conference on 15-16 May 2012 for the teams that sent their CubeSats to space on Vega. The two topics covered during the two days were the current opportunities for students at ESA and the lessons learned in connection with CubeSats on Vega. We too, of course, attended the event, just like almost all the other teams. The teams exchanged experiences. The greatest challenge for most teams was how to recruit a sufficient number of conscientious students and provide a stable financial background. Technical issues also came up and we all have learned a lot from the discussions.

Photos by ESA/Anneke Le Floc’h.

New photos from space

After three months in space, Masat-1 is still in a great condition. We have downloaded a lot of useful data and space photos that can help us carry out a future mission.
Until more data is published, have a look at the latest photos in our gallery.